How aliens move and how they disappear all of sudden

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To begin with, we need to know that ghosts are not Aliens. Ghosts are lower level species compared to human beings whereas Aliens (real aliens are Naag, Yaksh, Gandharv, Kinner, Kiraat, Vidhyadhar, Rikshh, Pitar, Devta, Prajapati, Dikpal etc.) are higher level species than us which are far more advanced in science and technology compared to human beings.

An Erudite in Indian ancient science and technology related studies and history, Doctor Saurabh Upadhyay tells that people are always skeptical about why aliens are always invisible and if somehow they appear before anyone, why do they look so formidable.

This could be somewhat explained by an example of a scenario where you are supposedly working on something very serious and important and a kid comes there and starts playing. Then if you think that the kid could be harmed by your work, you would certainly want him to go away from there. You will start giving hints to the innocent kid for that and imagine the condition when the child doesn’t understand your hints or persists even after that. You get forced to make him away by horrifying him showing your anger.
Aliens do the same!!

kjjOn some rarest places of the earth, the geometry of the place (in time-space continuum) is in such a way that it allows the inter dimensional movement and aliens travel across the portal formed in such places to come in or go away from the earth. Bermuda Triangle is actually one of these portals, through which our whole universe can be traversed across various different dimensional worlds. However the deities with divine supremacy can crisscross across the universe without any inter dimensional portal needed.

Although, these portals can be created artificially, but this involves the extremely intricate principle of re-organized appearance of space and time originated by displacement of mass. Without essential cosmic and spiritual power, even if a scientist somehow happens to create such portal, that will not be of much use, as the scientist will only be able to see a glimpse of the other world and will not be able to communicate anyhow with it.

Dr. Upadhyay further re-counts that aliens keep visiting our earth for various researches and experiments. If an ordinary human being (By ordinary, we mean without any divine or supernatural power which is frequently referred here) incidentally comes in between their research work, they give him the hint to leave the place in various ways.

If he still does not leave the place, the aliens have easiest possible way left to turn their appearance formidable and show it to him so that the person runs away or gets senseless due to fear and eventually is not able to know a bit of their experiment.

There exist the creatures living in two dimensional worlds as well!! But we three dimensional human beings are invisible for them in the same way as aliens (living in higher dimensional worlds) are, for us.

As humans are the most intelligent mortals on the earth and to always learn something new, they keep researching on other creatures, animals of the planet, similarly, aliens, who are far advanced compared to humans, in terms of wisdom, technologies and power, also keep researching on humans.

Among all humans, NOT every human being is of good nature; similarly, all aliens are not mandatorily good in nature. Good aliens research on humans (which should more precisely be termed as helping humans) within the limit of rules created by Almighty.

Whereas there are such aliens as well who, without any care to these rules, do the unbridled researches on humans. However, in the extra-terrestrial worlds, an alien gets punished for his bad deeds often instantaneously.

However, even in today’s time, there are few humans (some scientists, some authors etc.) who are secretly in touch with aliens, but this could only have been possible with the help and consent of aliens.

Most of these aliens are Yaksha and Riksha. Rarely, ‘Dikkpals’ have also been in contact of humans. But the biggest issue with any such contact is – communication. More often than not these humans know the language of aliens. Some of the aliens use the humans as their servants.

bbjThe humans on earth who, due to grace of aliens, get to see them frequently, mostly do not disclose this fact to others.

Primarily because, they are instructed by the aliens, not to disclose this to any one, however, they also think that witnessing aliens on the earth is such a big achievement and should not be disclosed to everyone so easily.

But they are wrong. As, seeing aliens or communicating with them could be an incredible deal for their limited understandings but this is also a fact that there are thousands of Tapasvi Sadhus (hermits) on the pious land of India who can look depraved and commonplace at first glance but they are actually full of implausible divine powers and for them, seeing or talking to an alien is as ordinary as foreseeing the near future events.

But, these worshippers are least interested in seeing aliens or seeing what is imminent, they are agog to see only and only the Creator of everything, The Almighty.

Why would the one, who has relished the tastiest dish on the earth, be interested in lesser delicious stuffs. Similarly, why the one, who has attained the felicity of getting the glimpse of The God, Creator of innumerable universes, would find any pleasure in seeing the species like aliens?

However, in endeavor of appeasing their spiritual curiosity, many denizens or foreigners get swindled as well by fake sadhus (saints). Hence, only real preachers should be approached for the discovery of truth.

Some aliens do not want their secret to be revealed and therefore they try their best to scare the humans who try jfjrevealing their identities to the world. Whereas, some aliens want the opposite, i.e. they want common people to start to know about them now. That is why only a human shielded by the grace of God, is able to get over the perils involved in revealing the mystery of aliens.

Aliens are ace in changing into different forms and they are also capable of erasing a part of memory of a human being by their magnificent powers so that those who have witnessed them could not tell the world about their appearance, Vimana (UFOs) or experiments (However, an alien would always remove the memory, is not mandatory).

Aliens, getting famous to the world as modern “Grey Alien” is the result of this very obliteration of memory.

That means, in reality, there is no form or shape like grey alien because when the eye witnesses got back to their senses they stated according to whatever obscure memory they had about the aliens and their form which brought the currently known form of grey alien into discussions.

Grey aliens are not robot, nor any species of aliens. However, it also has much to do with NASA scientists as well who have non-deliberately or deliberately (?) forged this made-up form of aliens.

Professor Saurabh tells that the aliens, having transcendent powers, speak ‘Sanskrit’ and ‘Prakrit’ (though savants of today don’t have much knowledge about ‘Prakrit’ yet), languages of countless years old Hindu religion and that’s why ‘Sanskrit’ is also known as language of deities. The speech rate of aliens is also too fast for an ordinary human to make out anything other than just a whisper.

Sometimes, driven by the Godly instinct, deities residing in higher dimensional worlds, coming to the biggest place (inside Lord Vishnu’s body, called as ‘Mahasthan’), create the cosmic form of their bodies which a normal human can stand the luster of. And with this cosmic body, the deities come to the deserving humans and elucidate them the eternity and intricacy of this universe.

In the cases where the scientists with a limited periphery of assumptions, thoughts and inferences, come up all of sudden with extremely novel and great ideas, actually aliens are behind these ideas! But all these theories are not mandatorily correct.

Because the aliens (Nag, Yaskha, Gandharv, Kinnar, Kirat, Vidyadhar, Riksh, Pitar, Devta, Prajapati, Dikpal etc.) living in limited dimensional worlds can also have limited capabilities and they can tell humans about this limitless universe only up to whatever they know.

ftredOnly the Creator of our this universe, Lord Brahma or the Creator of infinite dimensions, God has the absolute knowledge of this universe.

Though, when the denizens of infinite dimensions of ‘Golok’ (abode of Lord Krishna), ‘Gana’ of God (absolutely blessed followers of God) who are very much analogous to God themselves, get pleased to a magnanimous benevolent human being, come to him\her in their cosmic form by the command of God and explain the mysteries of this universe, which is gospel truth.

Dr. Saurabh tells, to understand the mystery of portal instrumental for inter-dimensional movement, a small coin can be exemplified. If you see a coin, you’ll find that ‘Head’ and ‘Tail’ of the coin are not separate to each other, they just don’t look together.

Similarly, time and space are not disconnected to each other in this universe, they just don’t look together. That means, if we are seeing the space, we won’t be seeing the time and if we are realizing the time, the space will disappear.

images-4-1This can also be explained with the event when the incarnation of God, Lord Buddha, was willing to cross the river with his disciples, standing near the river bank but the river was bursting its bank with the flood. Lord Buddha raised his hands upwards and disappeared all of sudden and He re-appeared on the other bank of river. Dr. Upadhyay tells that same principle applies here, when Lord Buddha travelled in time, He was disappeared from space.

Maharshi (great saint) Lomash, whose one day lasts upto the lifetime of Brahma, lives in a place where the portals which make inter dimensional movement to infinite universes possible, meet together.

The space has bent to such an extreme there that it’s hard to distinguish between the space and time. Though, these are not black holes (Krishna Vivar) or white holes (Shwet Vivar).

Professor Saurabh further tells that our universe is of oval shape and half of its shape act as anti universe. These two universes, located on each other, are revolving in mutually opposite directions, with great force and this generates massively intense power. This power casts negative impact on the worlds located below the center of the universe, whereas, brings divine positive impact on the worlds situated above the center of the universe. Our earth and the Big Dipper fall on the line dividing our universe from the mid and that’s why are unaffected from the impact of this massive power.

Professor Saurabh tells that the movement of universe and anti universe in mutually opposite direction with great force creates an astounding fact that the distance between any two points in this universe always remains same.

njnWhen you move a coin into circular motion very fast, and look at it from the front, all what you get to see is a straight line, but when you see it from above, you will see a circle, not a line.

Here the straight line can be epitomized as ‘time’ and the circle can be taken as universal space and this activity attests the same conclusion that when the space is realized, time will be invisible and when the time is perceivable, space will disappear.

Professor Saurabh narrates further that our rare venerated Hindu Granths (the ancient holy books of Hindu religion) tell that when Lord Brahma created this universe, it and its all components were without any motion, similar to the body without life! And then the Almighty God asked Brahma to make this universe move around a transcendental center. Our universe got ‘alive’ when Lord Brahma followed the order of Omnipotence!

What was that transcendental center…? We’ll reveal about that in subsequent articles…………To Be Continued………


Svyam Bane Gopal

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