Who are real aliens and what their specialties are

It is not so that these divine species were found only in ancient age! These special species are still there in today’s era but the problem is that there are only limited people in the world who have the requisite higher level of consciousness to see and talk with these special species. Only those saints who have higher level of spiritual power can see and talk with these divine species.

fIn reality, there is no existence of grey alien! The theory of grey alien is only rumor disseminated by few people. In actual, above mentioned special species seldom come to earth by their special flying devices, to help human beings and whoever human being luckily see their glimpse, assume them as alien and their flying devices as UFO.

Professor Saurabh Upadhyay further gives some information about the descriptions of these special species, which are as follows:-

Nag are half deity kind of species. The meaning of Nag is not snake, because in Sanskrit language the meaning of Nag is, the people whose size and shape are not fixed. Nag species worship Lord Vasuki, who is another incarnation of God Shiva. Nag people are famous for their very advanced weapons and bravery that’s why whenever any war is waged between Devta (deities) and Rakshas (devils), deities seek help from Nag to fight against devils. Nag people generally never break their promises.

Yaksh people never die until they generally themselves wish to die after losing interest in living any more. Actually Prana (life or soul) of Yaksh which reside in a hole near Yaksh’s navel, remains covered by Amrit (ambrosia). Whenever any Yaksh wants to die, he gets this Amrit dried up in navel by Yoga Agni (Yoga fire). The king of all Yaksh, is shri Kuber who has immeasurable treasure of gold, silver and priceless gems. Shri Kuber is himself a great devotee of God Shiva and by the blessing of God Shiva, he became the richest of all.

Gandharv are tremendously preeminent in Sangeet (music), Nritya (dancing), Vyuh (arrays formation). The science of Sangeet (music) is so vast that it’s impossible to find out the bourn of it. The sovereign owner of Sangeet (music) and all form of knowledge is goddess Sarswati. World’s all level of tasks can be accomplished by the help of various secret and intricately mysterious Sangeet. During Mahabharat period, lady Gandhari, the mother of prince Duryodhan was also a Gandharv lady.

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Who are real aliens and what their specialties are

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