Who are real aliens and what their specialties are

3366012626_b0c7b928fd_bTherefore the maxim of ‘history repeats itself’ is absolutely accurate because seeds of future remain hidden in history itself. This can also be understood by the example of story of shri Kalki incarnation, written in Bhavishy Puran (an ancient Indian holy book). In this book, all the activities of shri Kalki avatar, which will take place in future, are written in a manner that those things already have happened in past! The same concept is also applied here that the future of someone is past of someone and past of someone is future of someone!

However, any event is also recognized by its dimension. In a same place, in same time, lots of different events can be occurring, if the dimensions are different. Generally people know about 3 dimension, length, width, height, but according to Hindu religion dimensions are endless. People who live in different dimensions can not see to each other despite existing in same place. Higher cosmic power gives ability to reside in higher dimensions.

Till the seventh dimensions Nag, Yaksh, Gandharv, Kinnar, Kirat, Vidyadhar, Riksh, Pitar, Dikpal, Prjapati, Devta (these species are considered/termed as aliens by today’s modern scientists) etc live. Lord Brahma made total 11 dimensions in this universe. Though dimensions are infinite but the complete information about all the dimensions are known by Bhagvan (God) only.

Some information about difference in dimensions can be understood by this example; if you see an opened door of a room from some distance, then only a small area is visible to you in the direction of door, but when you come near to the door of room, you see that room has not only length, but width too. And when you come inside the room, then you find that along with length, width, room also has height. In the same way, by the continuous practice of Yoga (Hath Yoga, Raj Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Tantra Yoga) the capability of divine visibility raises inside the human being to understand and watch beyond the three basic dimensions.

It is necessary to have required advancement of consciousness by a human being to see the divine species (like Nag, Yaksh, Gandharv, Kinnar, Kirat, Vidyadhar, Pitar, Dikpal, Prjapati, Devta etc) who reside in higher dimensions. Actually all these special species are so much advanced in science and technology that modern science follower scientists assume their technologies beyond imagination. All these species’ science is based on core Hindu religious knowledge which is mentioned in very hidden and secret form in most ancient books of world Vedas.

In Vedas the Mantras (spells) are written in Sanskrit language and every Mantra of Vedas has several meanings which can be deciphered by only those saints who have great spiritual power, not by a simple Sanskrit translator. A Sanskrit translator may feel the meanings of Vedas Mantras very ordinary and similar to simple worship chants, but reality is much far away from this, because all these Vedas Mantras are very high level science formulae that can be understood by only and only very efficient Yogi (Hath Yogi, Raj Yogi, Bhakt Yogi, Tantra Yogi). The ancient Hindu science knowledge had been kept extremely secret and confidential so that any undeserving candidate can not misuse such precious knowledge.

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