Who are real aliens and what their specialties are

okInside the every particle of this universe, Om (ॐ) exists. Om (ॐ) is the only energy which expresses everywhere in this universe in infinite different forms, shapes, sizes (in the form of all visible and invisible things like different creatures, plants, air, mountains, rivers etc.) and also, Om (ॐ) is that only energy which makes all these things moveable or static. Inside every atom, all moving particles are getting energy only from Om (ॐ) sound. The base of all, Om (ॐ) is Shabd Brahm (word or sound form of God), and this sound, Om (ॐ) is also called Anahat Nad (means the sound that is created without any collision, shock, hit, smash or bump) because this sound has no end or beginning.

All the planets of our solar system move around the sun, but does Sun move around any one?

Everyone knows that planets move around the sun, but scientists are not sure about sun’s movement around anything! Professor Saurabh tells that our ancient books mention that Sun moves around biggest Sun (in Sanskrit language which is called Maha Surya). And this biggest Sun is nothing else but God Vishnu’s navel.

God Vishnu’s navel is a perennial enigma and even creator of this whole universe, Lord Brahma too has not been able to fathom the secret of it. On the lotus which appeared from this navel, Lord Brahma was incarnated in the very begging, before universe formation.

eGod Vishnu’s body is told Maha Sthan (biggest place) and inside this biggest place, no type of time works! This biggest place is the entrance for transmitting to countless no. of universes. This biggest place can be termed as biggest laboratory where many Brahmarshi (most powerful saints or Rishi) continuously research on infinite expansion of Bhagvan (God).

Doctor Saurabh Upadhyay further tells about the reasons of all planets’ movement in circular (elliptical) motion necessarily. Mr. Upadhyay says, though there are several complicated reasons behind this phenomena, yet one of the important reason is, the relation between future and past, means which is future that is also past, and which is past that is also future! When a planet moves in such circular path, then the point which comes in front side of planet’s path, that point is the future of that planet but when that point is crossed over by that planet, then that future point turns into history point of that planet. After moving a cycle, when that planet comes back near to that history point, then automatically that history point becomes again future point for that planet.

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Who are real aliens and what their specialties are

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